Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Updated on 11th May 2017 at 5:01 pm


Title of the Group

The Group shall be known as The Patient Participation Group of Marine Avenue Medical Centre (PPG).

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Patient Participation Group of Marine Avenue Medical Centre (PPG) is to support and strengthen a positive relationship between the practice and it’s patients by improving communications, maintaining existing areas of good practice and improving on current services.


The Group will work together with Patients and the Practice to:
• enhance communication between Patients and the Practice
• raise patient awareness of priorities and current issues
• increase patient knowledge on health matters.


• To collate patient views on practice issues through survey and to publicise the results to both the practice and patients.
• To highlight areas of excellence.
• To identify areas of practice which, in patients view, could be improved.
• To share knowledge on issues that impact on health.
• To assist in signposting to other services/agencies.
• To produce and ensure distribution of a PPG Newsletter (Paper and Electronic) (frequency to be agreed).Please follow the link below:

Autumn/ Winter PPG Newsletter 2017


Terms of Reference.

• Membership of the group is open to any patient registered with the practice.
• Membership of the group will cease in the event of the member ceasing to be a patient of the practice.
• Membership of the PPG will not confer any rights to claim preferential treatment
• Doctors and/or the Practice Manager are invited to attend the meeting to offer feedback, information and advice. The Practice staff may be asked to leave the meeting whilst sensitive items are being discussed in order to facilitate open and honest discussion.
• Initially the meetings will be timetabled on a monthly basis. However if agreed by the members this can be reduced to no less frequent than once a quarter.
• Meeting dates may be altered to suit largest number of attenders.
• The meetings will normally last no more than 1 hour unless otherwise advised at least 1 week in advance.
• a record of decisions will be kept in the form of brief minutes for each meeting.
• Members will receive meeting agenda and minutes of previous meeting in advance of each meeting.
• Matters discussed within the meeting will always be assumed confidential unless otherwise stated, all members will sign the practice confidentiality policy.
• Members will ensure that the meeting is not a forum for individual complaints & single issues, any raised should be directed to the practice complaints procedure.
• All members will demonstrate a commitment to delivering results, as a group.
• All members views are equally important and all opinions should be respected.
• We will ensure open honest communication and challenge between individuals.
• The agenda should be kept to matters of business only (due to time constraints). Any additional business should be raised under Any Other Business (AOB).
• Members should inform the Secretary or Chair of any agenda items before the meeting.
• A quorum of 5 members is needed to ratify any decision.