Updated on 28th July 2020 at 11:16 am


How to make a complaint

Marine Avenue Medical Centre is committed to providing a high quality, patient-focused service. Complaints and comments from patients are taken very seriously, as we want every patient to feel satisfied with the services we provide. Marine Avenue Medical Centre has a procedure for dealing with complaints, to ensure that every complaint is handled fairly and transparently. When handling complaints, Marine Avenue Medical Centre is committed to the Health and Safety of their staff while seeking to resolve complaints promptly. All complaints will be acknowledged within 3 working days.


The aim of the complaints process

  • Find out what happened and what went wrong
  • Make it possible for you to discuss the problems, if you wish to do this
  • Make sure you receive an apology where this is appropriate
  • Try to make sure that the problem does not occur again.

New Complaints and Comments Leaflet June 2020

The Practice New Complaints and Comments leaflet is attached for your information.

If you do feel you would like to complain about any issue relating to the surgery, you may do so via the telephone, in writing (including email) or in person at the surgery.

Where possible, you should aim to include as much detail as possible. You should try to include dates and times if you can.