Marine Avenue Medical Centre Infection Control Statement 2017

Updated on 23rd August 2017 at 7:24 pm


Annual statement of current practice at Marine Avenue Medical Centre to manage and monitor the prevention and control of infection

Marine Avenue Medical Centre takes the responsibility of infection control very seriously. The IPC (infection prevention and control) leads for Marine Avenue Medical Practice are Sister Helen Wilson and Mary Dobson (office Manager).

1. RISK ASSESSMENTS: As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best standards of infection control we continue to carry spot check assessments of the standards of hygiene provided by our employed cleaner. The carpets are all cleaned on an annual basis and the curtains washed and rotated every 6 months.

2. IPC AUDITS, OUTCOMES AND SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS: As a result of our IPC audits this year we have identified a number of areas for improvement. Firstly we are reviewing the Hepatitis B immunity of all our clinical staff, in light of new guidance we are also checking rubella and varicella immunity status. Dr Robson and Dr Scott have both audited any complications from their minor operations. Both have very low rates of infection. All procedures are done in dedicated clinics which we feel will also improve infection control rates and the patient experience. Sister Wilson has also updated all nursing staff on correct aseptic technique and continues to review and assess this with our team.

3. REVIEW AND UPDATE OF POLICIES, PROCEDURES AND GUIDANCE: We have updated all of the infection controls polices and protocols during the last year and confirm the practice staff receive annual training and infection control is part of new staff induction. All policies and guidelines are available to view by our patients. We currently use an online training system, known as National Skills Academy, as well as Protected Learning sessions.

4. KNOWN INFECTION TRANSMISSION AND SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS: We are currently obliged to report and discuss all cases of clostridium difficile diagnosed within our patients in the community; from August 2016 to August 2017 we reported 3 cases within our patient population.

Our main policy of infection control is available on our website and we invite our patients to continue to use alcohol hand gel, to report any incidence of spillages or waste or any concerns regarding infection control to the Office Manager.

Mary Dobson, August 2017.