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Selfcare skills are those we use in everyday life, also referred to as Activities of Daily Living (ADL) in most cases we rely on common sense and prior learning to carry this out, however when we are feeling unwell or come into a situation we have never faced before it is not always clear what to do.  We believe patients who are better informed and more educated possess greater motivation for self care.

General Health/Ailments:

  1. has information on various conditions/problems:
  2. NHS choices has information on various symptoms/conditions:
  3. 111 for advice and guidance 24/7
  4. Think Pharmacy First:
  5. Exercise leaflets:
  6. NHS choices also has 10 minute exercise routines to do at home and ‘couch to 5k’:
  7. Sport/Exercise/Healthy living via active North Tyneside
  8. Help finding Health Services in your area:
  9. Info on local health services via North Tyneside CCG website
  10. Change4life England campaign: (for healthy lifestyle advice – diet and exercise/meal planning etc)
  11. Multitude of services including advice and activities:
  12. Self help for those with diabetes : and for
  13. Diabetes and Sport: (predominantly help for those on insulin and managing insulin dosing for exercise)


  1. Crying baby/Colic – Cry-sis helpline 08451228669, website
  2. Childrens Continence issues:
  3. Advice and support for parents – Family lives:
  4. Advice and support for parents of disabled children:

Mental Health:

  1. Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Self Help Booklets:
  2. Mind website:
  3. Moodjuice:
  4. Samaritans:, tel: 116 123


  1. Citizens advice Bureau:
  2. Language and housing for asylum seekers, also for non-english speakers:
  3. Age UK north Tyneside:
  4. Percey Hedley Foundation provides help and advice for disabled people:
  5. Local information from North Tyneside Council:

Palliative care

Macmillan Cancer Support:

Marie Curie:

Sexual and Reproductive Health:

Marie Stopes UK:

MESMAC North East:

Northumbria Healthcare:

The below symptoms and self refer sign post guide should only be used as a guideline if you are still not feeling well please get in touch.  Some services’ are specific to your circumstances may not have a direct link such as School Nurse who will be specific to your Child.  Attached to the surgery are a health visitor, nursery nurse, mid-wife and a physiotherapist as well as a counselling service these may not be reflected in the links below as you may already be dealing with an external service.


Symptom Refer to
Abdominal pain GP
Abdominal pain, severe GP, A&E
Abuse concerns, about a child or adult GP, Social Services
Accidents Minor Injuries Unit
Acid reflux Pharmacy, GP
Acne Pharmacy, GP
Addiction Self-refer Addiction services
Adjustment disorders (stress related mental disorders) Self-refer Counselling, GP
Advice NHS 111
Agoraphobia Self-refer Counselling
Aids to help living at home Social Services
Alcohol problems Self-refer Addiction services
Allergic reactions, localised Minor Injuries Unit
Allergies Pharmacy, GP
Anaphylactic Shock 999
Anger management Self-refer Counselling
Animal bites Minor Injuries Unit
Anxiety (excessive worry), mild to moderate Self-refer Counselling
Arthritis Physiotherapist , GP
Asthma Practice Nurse
Athlete’s foot Pharmacy
Baby and child growth and development Health Visitor
Back pain Physiotherapist, GP
Bad breath Dentist
Bedwetting, child (enuresis) School Nurse
Behaviour problems in under 5s (Sleeping, eating, potty-training, tantrums) Health Visitor
Benefits help and advice Self-refer Citizens Advice, Social Services
Bites, insect or animal Minor Injuries Unit
Bleeding from any source, heavy or prolonged 999
Bleeding from rectum GP
Bleeding from vagina GP
Bleeding from vagina, after intercourse GP
Bleeding from vagina, after menopause GP
Blindness sudden, one/both eyes A&E, (Eye Casualty)
Blisters Minor Injuries Unit
Blood in urine, no symptoms of infection GP
Blood pressure measurement Practice Nurse
Blood Test Practice Nurse
Bottle feeding issues Health Visitor
Breast feeding issues Health Visitor
Breast lumps GP
Breathlessness, moderate to severe A&E, GP
Breathlessness, severe, stopped or colour change 999
Broken bones Minor Injuries Unit if minor A&E if major
Bruising, unexplained GP
Bunion Self-refer Podiatry
Burns or scalds, minor Minor Injuries Unit
Burns or scalds, severe A&E
Catarrh Self-care, Pharmacy
Catheter problems at home District Nurse
Change in bowel habit (especially if loose stools) GP
Chest infection (persistent fever, difficulty breathing, bloody sputum, very unwell) GP (otherwise Self-care or Pharmacy if simple cough)
Chest pain, suspected heart attack 999
Chest pain GP
Chickenpox Self-care
Childhood conditions, allergies, infections Health Visitor, GP
Chiropody (podiatry) Self-refer Podiatry
Choking 999
Cold sores Pharmacy
Colic, baby Health Visitor
Common cold Self-care, Pharmacy
Conjunctivitis Pharmacy, Minor Injuries Unit
Constipation, adult, with no other symptoms Pharmacy
Constipation, child Health Visitor if under 5, School Nurse
Contraception, emergency Pharmacy, GP
Contraception, general Practice Nurse, GP
COPD (chronic bronchitis) Practice Nurse
Corns and callouses Self-refer Podiatry
Cosmetic Surgery GP
Cough Self-care, Pharmacy
Cough, longer than 3-4 weeks GP
Coughing up blood GP
Crabs (pubic lice) Self-refer STD clinic
Cramps, leg Self-care
Crying baby Health Visitor, GP
Cuts, lacerations, minor Minor Injuries Unit
Cystitis Pharmacy
Dandruff Self-care, Pharmacy
Deafness, adult GP
Deafness, children School Nurse, Health Visitor
Deep Lacerations 999
Delivery, problems after recent childbirth Midwife
Dental problems, any Dentist
Depression (low mood), mild to moderate Self-refer Counselling
Dermatitis Pharmacy, GP
Diarrhoea and vomiting (stomach bug) Self-care, Pharmacy
Diarrhoea, at night-time, bloody or persistent GP
Difficulty swallowing GP
Dizziness GP
Domestic violence Health Visitor, Social Services (emergency, ring 999)
Dressings at home District Nurse
Dressings in surgery Practice Nurse
Drowning 999
Drug abuse Self-refer Addiction services
Ear wax Pharmacy, Practice Nurse
Earache Pharmacy
Eating disorders, mild to moderate Self-refer Counselling, GP
Eczema Pharmacy
Eczema, infected or inflamed GP
Emotional problems Self-refer Counselling
Enemas (for constipation) at home District Nurse
Erection problems GP
Eye infections Pharmacy, Minor Injuries Unit
Eye pain (with no foreign body) GP (Same day), Eye casualty
Falls, accidental, with any injuries Minor Injuries Unit
Family planning Practice Nurse, Family Planning Clinic, GP
Feeding problems, under 5s Health Visitor
Financial and debt problems Self-refer Citizens Advice
Fits, seizure or uncontrollable shaking 999
Flu Self-care
Flu, or viral illness Self-care, Pharmacy
Food poisoning Self-care
Foreign bodies, in skin, ear, eye, nose Minor Injuries Unit
Frozen shoulder Self-refer Physio Direct
Fungal infections, including nail Pharmacy
Gastritis Pharmacy
Gastroenteritis Self-care
Genital warts Self-refer STD clinic
Grazes (abrasions) Self-care, Minor Injuries Unit
Gum disease Dentist
Haemorrhoids, not bleeding Pharmacy
Hangover Self-care
Hay fever Pharmacy
Head injuries, minor (no loss of consciousness) Minor Injuries Unit
Head Injury with symptoms e.g. loss of consciousness A&E
Head lice Pharmacy
Headache Pharmacy (but see GP if persistent)
Health anxiety Self-refer Counselling
Heartburn Pharmacy
Herpes, genital Self-refer STD clinic
High blood sugar GP
High Cholesterol/Fatty Liver GP
High temperature in child, otherwise playing, attentive Pharmacy
High temperature in child, unwell GP
Hoarseness, more than 3 weeks GP
Hypothermia 999
Impetigo Pharmacy, GP
Impotence GP
In growing toenails Self-refer Podiatry
Incontinence Self-refer Continence Service, DN
Indigestion Pharmacy
Infected eczema GP
Injuries Minor Injuries Unit
Irritable bowel syndrome Pharmacy, GP
Itching Self-care, Pharmacy
Jaundice (yellow skin) GP
Jaw joint pain Dentist
Joint pain Self-refer Physiotherapist, GP
Kidney infection (e.g., loin pain, temperature, vomiting) GP
Knee pain Physiotherapist
Lacerations, cuts, minor Minor Injuries Unit
Leg ulcers at home District Nurse
Lethargic, feverish child Children’s A&E, GP
Loss of weight, unintentional GP
Low blood sugar (hypo) not responding to sugar A&E
Low mood, mild to moderate Self-refer Counselling
Lumps, hard, irregular shape, fixed in position, increasing size GP
Malaria, prevention for travel Practice Nurse
Medication review Pharmacy, GP
Meningitis, suspected 999
Migraine Pharmacy (but see GP if persistent or severe)
Moles, changing in appearance GP
‘Morning after’ pill Pharmacy
Motor vehicle accidents (RTAs) Minor Injuries Unit
Mouth ulcers Pharmacy
Mouth ulcers, lasting more than 3 weeks GP, Dentist
Muscle aches GP
Muscle sprains and strains Minor Injuries Unit
Nail care Self-refer Podiatry
Nasal congestion Pharmacy
Neck pain Physiotherapist, GP
Night sweats GP
Nipple discharge or rashes on nipple GP
Nose bleeds Self-care (if not stopping after 30mins, go to A&E)
Obesity (excessive weight) Self-care
Obsessive-compulsive disorder, mild to moderate Self-refer Counselling
Other GP
Overdose of medication A&E
Pain, at night, affecting sleep GP
Palliative care GP
Palpitations GP
Panic attacks Self-refer Counselling
Paralysis 999
Parenting support, family health, relationships (under 5 years) Health Visitor
Patient reviewed GP
Period problems GP
Phobias Self-refer Counselling
Piles, not bleeding Pharmacy
Pill Practice Nurse
Pins and needles Self-care, but see GP if persistent/recurring
Podiatry Self-refer Podiatry
Poisoning A&E
Postnatal depression, worries about mental health after delivery Health Visitor
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, mild to moderate Self-refer Counselling
Pregnancy related symptoms Midwife, GP
Quinsy (pus filled swelling around tonsil) GP
Quitting smoking Self-refer Stop Smoking Service
Rashes Minor Injuries Unit, GP
Rashes, non-blanching GP(but if meningitis is suspected, ring 999 as above)
Rectal bleeding GP
Respite care Social Services
Rib injuries Minor Injuries Unit
Ringworm Pharmacy
Road traffic accidents (RTAs) Minor Injuries Unit
Runny nose Pharmacy
Safeguarding concerns GP, Social Services
Scabies Pharmacy
Sexually transmitted diseases Self-refer STD clinic
Shingles GP (preferably same day)
Shoulder injuries Physiotherapist
Shoulder, frozen Physiotherapist
Sinusitis Pharmacy
Skin Infection GP
Skin lesion, changing GP
Sleep disturbance Pharmacy
Social anxiety, shyness Self-refer Counselling
Social issues Social Services
Soiling, child (encopresis) School Nurse
Sore throat Self-care, Pharmacy (but see GP if persistent)
Splinters Minor Injuries Unit
Sports injuries Physiotherapist
Sprains and strains Minor Injuries Unit
Stings Minor Injuries Unit
Stress Self-refer Counselling
Stroke, suspected 999
Sty Pharmacy
Substance misuse Self-refer Addiction services
Suicide risk or risk of self-harm GP
Sunburn, adult Self-care, Pharmacy
Sunburn, child GP, Children’s A&E
Swallowed large or sharp object A&E
Swallowing difficulty GP
Sweating, at night, with or without fever GP
Syringe drivers GP
Teeth grinding Dentist
Teething Pharmacy, Health Visitor
Tennis elbow Physiotherapist, GP
Terminal care GP, District Nurse
Threadworms Pharmacy
Thrush Pharmacy
Tiredness, excessive, prolonged and without obvious reason GP (otherwise Self-care)
Toe nail problems Self-refer Podiatry
Tonsillitis Pharmacy, GP
Tooth abscess Dentist
Toothache Dentist
Travel advice Practice Nurse (inform Reception first)
Ulcer (open sore), diabetic Practice Nurse (same day)
Unable to pass urine at all GP, A&E
Unconscious 999
Unresponsive or feverish baby Children’s A&E
Unsure of what to do NHS 111
Urine infection, in (wo)men GP
Urine infection, uncomplicated, in women Pharmacy
Urticaria GP
Vaginal bleeding GP (but also see bleeding from vagina above)
Vaginal infections, discharge, vaginosis GP
Verruca Pharmacy
Vertigo GP
Viral illness Self-care
Visual problems (not blindness) Optician (same day)
Vomiting Pharmacy
Walking aids Self-refer Mobility Service
Warts, genital Self-refer STD clinic
Warts, rest of body Pharmacy
Weaning issues Health Visitor
Weight loss, unintentional GP
Welfare rights Self-refer Citizens Advice, Social Services
Wheelchair Self-refer Mobility Service
Wheezing GP
Whiplash Physiotherapist, Self care
Wind, flatulence Pharmacy
Wound infections, minor Minor Injuries Unit
X-ray Minor Injuries Unit
Yellow fever vaccination Practice Nurse (inform Reception first)