Young People and Healthy Living

Updated on 5th June 2019 at 4:53 pm


Healthy living

Healthy living plays an important part in keeping our bodies and our minds healthy. It is important to keep active and make sure you are eating the right foods. Most people think that healthy eating is about trying to lose weight but actually it is also about making sure you are not underweight and putting pressure on yourself to look a certain way and also ensuring that you are eating the right foods for your own health.

Did you know it is recommended that young people should do at least 60 minutes of activity of moderate intensity every day?
Only 14% of boys and 8% of girls aged 13-15 years are meeting these guidelines.

Did you know that over 725,000 men and women in the UK are affected by eating disorders?

Did you know that up to 10% of young people with eating disorders are male?


There are many opportunities within the community to keep active, even walks down the coast can help to lose weight and keep yourself feeling healthy. Active North Tyneside is a great resource in the North Tyneside area and provides information on healthy eating and keeping fit, with links to activities taking place in the local area.


People who are suffering from an eating disorder often tend to have low self-esteem and can be very judgemental of themselves when it comes to their weight and body shape. They may change their attitude towards food and eating and can become very focused on food and diet or exercise. Some behaviours may include: extreme dieting, vomiting, binge eating, exercising more frequently or harshly and using laxatives or ‘diet pills’.

We understand that weight and healthy eating can be a difficult subject for most young people. If you are concerned about your weight or diet or think you may have an eating disorder please make a routine appointment with one of our doctors who can discuss this with you. Alternatively, please find some useful links below:

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